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Sled Legs are wearable sleds that combine the simplicity of sledding
with the speed and intensity of skiing.



Remember the joy of hitting the neighborhood sledding hill after a fresh snowfall? For one reason or another, we forego this simple joy of life as we get older.  We've made it too complicated.  Why does it have to require days worth of time and expensive gear to get the thrill of shredding down a snowy slope? We are here to bring back the simple fun.

Sled Legs are simple.  Simple in the way anyone can pick up a pair and master them on their first run. Simple in the way that they can be stored in the back seat or trunk of your car so you can ditch work or school for fun at anytime. Simple like stealing cafeteria trays to hit the first snowfall with your buddies. Simple like duct taping boxes to your legs when you can’t find anything else.



Sled Legs was created to withstand the harsh winter weather and deliver hours of fun on the hill in comfort.  The durable polymer shell is designed for carving and strong enough for impact. The soft foam insert cushions the knee, lifts the foot when cruising downhill and comfortably supports your shin. All of it engineered by the team to be versatile, comfortable and durable.


*Product suitable for people 13 years and older.  Accommodates 5’ to 6’ 6” height.  For recreational use on snow hills only.  Be sure to wear your helmet!



Why can't you wear a sled?

Having fun doesn’t need to be expensive.  Sled Legs gives the exhilaration of going fast, the ability to carve and the freedom to launch off a jump without worrying if you will lose your gear when you land. When you reach the bottom, just stand up and run back to the top. Oh yeah, that’s the best part. Nothing to clip-into or lug around, you simply strap them to your legs and keep on rocking. Totally unobstructed.


You strap Sled Legs on, run, and quickly slide on the snow.

Secured on your legs, you can climb the face of the most severe snow hill hands free. Cut outs in the sleds make it easy to walk or run with the Sled Legs in place. Through the woods and into the most remote hills in the back 40. When you get to the top, run and slingshot yourself down the hill for that extra speed.


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Sled Legs are here to give new life to your fun in the snow!

Sled Legs are easy to learn and anyone can master them in a few runs.The low center of gravity makes it harder to catch an edge; but the highly engineered sleds allow you to apply edge pressure to quickly turn and carve. The possibilities are endless as you learn to carve down the hill. You can even manage speed with the ole pizza wedge technique when you’re French-frying too much.

After you finish a run, you don't have to stop going. With the sleds firmly attached to you legs, you can jump back up and keep going. You may actually gain precious minutes on the hill without needing to chase your sled down after you fall off. We are offering non-stop action!

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