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Shipping January 20
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Sled Legs Original
65.00 79.00

The Original Sled Legs orange color.  Package includes one pair of Sled Legs.

Designed for a rider 5' or taller, up to 250lbs. Ages 13+. 

Orders received before January 19 will ship January 20, 2017.

Only ships to USA and Canada.

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Climb the hills hands-free

Secured to your legs, you can climb the face of the most severe snow hill hands free. Cut outs in the sleds make it easy to walk or run with the Sled Legs in place. Through the woods and into the most remote hills in the back 40. When you get to the top, run and slingshot yourself down the hill for that extra speed.

*Designed for a person 5' or taller, up to 250lbs. Ages 13+


Shred the hill with ease
and speed

Sled Legs are easy to learn and anyone can master them in a few runs.  The low center of gravity makes it harder to catch an edge;but the highly engineered sleds allow you to apply edge pressure to quickly turn and carve.

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Jump up at the end of a run without stopping

When you reach the bottom, just stand up and run back to the top. Oh yeah, that’s the best part. Nothing to clip-into or lug around, you simply strap them to your legs and keep on rocking. Totally unobstructed.


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