Can I purchase Sled Legs on Amazon?
Yes, you can find Sled Legs on and

How do I put my Sled Legs on?
Sled Legs are super easy to put on.  While standing or sitting, hold the sled to your lower leg.  Wrap the strap around your leg and insert the end of the strap into the "D" loop on the other side.  Pull the strap until it is snug (not too tight though!) and fasten back onto the Velcro.  No need to take them off each time you make a run.  You can leave Sled Legs on your legs as long as you want to sled!

Will my toes drag while I go down the hill?
The ramp design on the foam should help prevent this from happening.  However, when you go down the hill, you should try to lift your toes to be sure they do not drag.  When you want to turn or stop, you can dig your toes into the snow to help.  Your toes act like a rudder.  You can also use your hands to help keep you stable and stop.

Won't this hurt my knees?
Sled Legs foam is designed in a wedge shape that transfers your weight to the front of your legs.  The expanded polypropylene foam in Sled Legs absorbs energy.  It is the same foam used in football helmets and many vehicle bumpers.  The foam should keep you knees safe and provide a comfortable ride.

Sled Legs warning says not jump onto knees while wearing the product, how are Sled Legs supposed to be used?
Sled Legs are designed for running, sliding, and sledding. We understand that being airborne is possible for a short amount of time, but we want to discourage people jumping from heights or using the Sled Legs without the protective foam. 

Where can I use my Sled Legs?
Sled Legs can be used on any snow-covered hill.  You should not use them on ice, cement or pavement.

Is there a height and weight limit for Sled Legs?
The Small size will fit riders that are 4' to 5' tall, weighing under 150 pounds.  The Large size will fit riders that are over 5' tall, up to 250 pounds.

Is there an age limit for Sled Legs?
Sled Legs are not just for kids.  They are great for the entire family!  As long as you fit one of our sizes and are physically capable of participating in outdoor sports like sledding, snowboarding, skiing, you can use Sled Legs.

Where can I purchase Sled Legs?
Other than our website, you can find Sled Legs on  Sled Legs are not currently available in a retail store.

How do I assemble my Sled Legs straps?
Basic instructions are included here:


CAUTION:  Sled Legs are for use on SNOW ONLY.  Sled Legs are Designed for Running, Sliding, and Sledding.  Sledding is a dangerous activity.  Serious damage, injury or death is possible.  Avoid obstructions, obstacles, sudden drops, steep hills, trees and traffic. The sleds cannot be controlled, maneuvered or stopped on icy surfaces.  Do not jump onto knees while wearing the product.  Stop using sled legs if the foam is removed.  Do not stand on sleds.  Always fasten the straps tight enough so sleds do not move on your legs during use.  Never tow behind any motorized vehicle.  For your safety  and the safety or others, use extreme caution at all times.